Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A Little Gadget to Help Stay Organised

I received an email from my wife who got this tip from a work college. This programme called Evernote is a little gem when it comes to keeping things organised and on task.
Basically Evernote is like the Microsoft Word programme but in ‘cloud’ form, so any changes you make to a document on your work computer are visible and editable on your home computer and iPad, making it easy to work on stuff at home/on the move should you need to. You can also add annotations to documents and add images from internet/smartphone cameras etc so is ideal for putting ideas down for lesson planning, articles or general notes when you are out and about.

It allows you to share documents between multiple users with the paid version, allowing more than one person to work on a single document in turn. The basic version is free and allows you to do pretty much most things except share between users.
Check out the website below for further information.

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