Sunday, 23 September 2012

Rule of Thirds Power Point

Do your art students draw very small?
Do they draw directly in the centre of their page every time?
Want to know how to help them create interesting compositions?

I just wanted to share my latest resource called 'The Rule of Thirds'. It's designed as a power point with a printable drawing guide and a lesson plan ready for you to tailor with your specific classes names.

The idea is to get students starting to think about where they position their subjects when drawing. Using the Rule of Thirds to help break up the page and allow students to find the points of interest will enable them to structures their pictures in a more creative way. We all know that one success will lead to another and soon the students will be exploring more complex compositions.

Anyway, I hope this power point on the Rule of Thirds helps and I look forward to hearing how this has helped your teaching in your art classes.


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