Thursday, 11 October 2012

Another One Point Perspective Tutorial

Looking to boost students abilities and self-esteem in drawing?
Want students to produce a high quality outcome?

I have found being able to show students and have them follow along line by line when drawing increases their self-confidence and allow them to achieve a higher quality outcome. It has also given me more time to go around and give selected students more guidance when drawing, showing them the proper techniques and guidance on the rules of perspective.

I have found that students have even gone home and tried drawing in perspective because they felt enabled. If students have a good time doing something and feel that they can achieve a quality outcome in, they will be much more focused in lessons and keen to show others. For me this project is about building confidence. Yes, learning to draw in perspective is good as well but I feel enabling students is worth much more.

This is why I have created my second follow along, line by line, one point perspective power point. Please check out the power point here:

More details about how to use this power point and how to take it further can be found in the above link. One perspective drawing can also be found in the link.

Thanks for viewing and I look forward to hearing about how this power point has impacted your students.


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