Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Teaching children to read before school. Brillkids!

This post is a bit different to most of my others but it is still educational based. All of my other posts have been about my experiences teaching art at a secondary school level and the resources that I use. This post however, is about an experience I am soon going to start and my initial thoughts about it.
In a short two months I'm about to become a father. As most fathers do, I want to provide the best opportunity for my child to give them the best start in life no matter what they decide they want to do after ward. Therefore as a result, I starting on the basics and getting money situations, insurances and all of that wonderful stuff covered.
There is one other thing, after a bit of research that I thought worth while sharing here. It is a reading programme called BrillKids. I've only just started my research into this product but am seeing some interesting aspects of it. The website (accessible through the link above or on my site to right via the banner) is very detailed and informative. Lots of videos of children and parents using these products and reading at a very young age. Some before the age of 2!
I do realise that some people have issues with teaching children to read at such a young age and others are fine with it. I encourage you to read through the website, then do some other research for yourself comparing products, ideas and methodology then make your own mind up. There are arguments for and against on the website which makes an excellent place to start.
There seems to be a wide range of products as well to help your children learn. Everything from reading to maths, foreign languages, music and much more. There is many free products or trial testers as well. The more research I do the harder I'm finding it not to buy this product!
I would also recommend signing up for a free membership to access all of the free product and educational resources.
If you use this promo code you can get 500 points that can be used towards products if you choose to buy some later on.
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I'm quite excited about this website and I'm sure I'll be sharing more about this later on.
If anyone else has used this or similar products in the past I'd be interested to hear from you about this.

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