Friday, 27 July 2012

Fundraising in Schools (part 2)

An update from a previous post about fund raising for school projects.
Are group of teachers, students, volunteers and community sponsors have been working very hard to setup a funding platform and gather resources to support two students to partake in an Arts based exchange programme. We have just gone through the application process for the crowd funder web fund raising site. We didn't get approved at first and had to resubmit more information. We were then approved. However, because of the summer break
we have had take a step back and are awaiting September to kick everything into high gear.
We are just putting the finishing touches on a wordpress sites to support, update and provide more information about the reasoning behind the trip and fund raising. It is still unfinished but if you would like an early preview here is the link.
 I do recommend wordpress as it has quite a professional look to it, relatively easy to use and quite a few features included. The reason why we have chosen wordpress rather than blogger is because of the layout of the site. We found it much easier to setup and maintain. We are just using the free page/blog at the moment but depending upon the outcome of this years fund raising campaign we may upgrade to get more storage and features.
Another thing that the students are doing through this site is to blog about their experiences as they go through the process.
Keep in touch.

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