Monday, 27 August 2012

First Day Of School

Well school is only a week away from starting again. I use to get excited and look forward to going back to school when I was a student even though I was nervous about it. Funny enough it is still the same today. Standing on the other side (teacher) I have to admit that I look forward to going back to school to teach and work with students but I am always very nervous the first couple of weeks. I guess it is the unexpected that makes me feel this way. What will my students be like this year? What is my room going to look like? How am I going to
arrange things this year compared to last? and How am I going to improve from last year?
This will be my fourth year in teaching art in a secondary school and if I've learnt anything it is that the students will want strict boundaries set their first day. Of course they may not come out and say it but boundaries let students know where you stand as a teacher and the daily operations of your classroom. From the very first lesson I place students in a seating plan, go through a power point presentation illustrating the rules and expectations of the classroom and their work, interaction guidelines between students, myself and art technician. Many students will grumble but it will work out in the long run. This was a lesson I learnt quite quickly when I was just starting out. Hopefully, if you are new to teaching and reading this you might feel a bit more at ease. Even experienced teachers (ones with more experience than I) get nervous about meeting their classes for the first.
On an aside note, reading this back over to myself I can recall on numerous occasions experienced teachers giving me advice 'don't let the kids see you smile until Christmas'. Although you could earn a reputation as being a hard teacher and one not to be messed with are you being true to yourself? Will students open up to you and be willing to take risks that they might not with other teachers?
It  is not an easy thing to get a firm grasp of as every school is slightly different and the students within them carry there own baggage to lessons.

To see how I have coped/prepared for my classes please read some of my other blog posts or even have a browse of my teaching resources located in my store at        

Thank you for your time. I'll end with a question to get you thinking about your teaching qualities. Please feel free to leave a comment or question if you have or dealing with these same sorts issues.
Who was your favourite teacher and why?

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