Saturday, 1 September 2012

Making Phone Calls Home!


I am looking at tracking my phone calls home this year digitally. We all know how important it is to make phone calls home to parents about behaviour (both positive and negative, but I really can't stress how important those positive phone calls can be) and to log or keep track of them. New teachers may ask here why? me keep track of calls I make even if they are positive?
Yes for a number of reasons. It shows you have been making regular contact with parents and it could also save your butt one day ( I hope it never goes there). What I mean is:
  • What if a student or parent accuses you of not making a phone call home to let know about the progress of their child?
  • What if you need to recall a specific phone call to a parent?
  • How many times are you going to call a parent regarding a particular student in your lesson before taking the matter further?
  • How will you prove to your line manager that you have made very effort possible to provide for a student
These are just a few issues that I have had to deal with so far in my teaching career. Keeping records of phone calls home to students is something I started early on in my career and has helped me out a couple of times thus far. If you aren't recording your calls you might want to think about it.
I have included in this post a link (hopefully it works) to a simple but straight forward excel spreadsheet that I am going to be using this year to track my phone calls. There are prompts in it to help make it a bit easier imputing the information. Here is the link
I will take you to my TpT website to where you can download it for free. Feel free to have a browse of some of my other teaching resources while you are there.

If you would like to make that excel spread a bit more user friendly here is a slight modification you can do. It adds drop down menus from two columns that should make imputing data a bit easier on you.
Step 1 - open document and click on sheet 2 in the bottom left corner
Step 2 - click on the first blank space under 'Reason' 
Step 3 - click on the 'Data' tab across the top of the page
Step 4 - click on 'Data Validation' and a little screen will pop up
Step 5 - in the drop down menu where it says 'Allow' select 'List'
Step 6 - click in the blank box labelled 'Source' (it should have just popped up)
Step 7 - click on sheet 1 tab in bottom left
Step 8 - click and drag under the heading 'Reason' to highlight the text. You should notice that the 'Source box has now been filled with your selection from the highlighted source. Click 'OK' and you are finished. Under your sheet 2 you should now have a drop down menu with selected options for you to select. This should make your phone calls go a bit quicker. You can also do the same for the heading 'Reaction'.

I hope you enjoy this product and it works well for you. Let me know if you have any suggestions for improvements or how it helps you.


Let me know how this works for you

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