Thursday, 8 November 2012

Students Writing About Their Own Artwork

Today i did a bit of an experiment to see how my students interacted with sentence starters when writing about their own artwork. I have templates made for all of my projects, some generic and some a bit more specific to the given project. Regardless all of the templates give the students guidance in how they should be thinking about their projects. For example, a question from one of my handouts would be:
"In this piece I used ...........( name the media used)................... Because......."

My first group I had write out sentences in full on a separate lined paper and use the key words below to help them answer the questions.
My second group I had them use the key words to just fill in the handout directly.
When comparing the answers I noticed more students from my second group had a greater number of incorrect answers than the first who wrote the answers in full sentences. I also realised that my first group took longer to complete the writing than I expected. I am assuming the writing in full sentences has a big part of this but I also think that the students took their time to accurately read and answer the questions thoroughly. In the future I will have my students write out their answers in full (rough) before I check/ correct it and then have them rewrite on their study sheets in good.
I hope this helps with any others and if you have any other tips or tricks I'd like to hear from you.
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