Saturday, 29 December 2012

Pop Art Scheme of Work

This is a six week scheme of work I did with my yr. 9 students (13 year olds) based on the Pop Art movement. This is just before they start their GCSE's. I found this project to engage and capture the imagination of my students. Many of them eagerly took their work home to develop and often asked what more they could do. It was a pleasure to teach this unit and the students learnt much.
We started with a power point presentation where students created a mind map and title for their study sheets based on pop art imagery and history. After that they began their large artist copy (Roy Lichtenstein, I gave the students a choice of three different works to lit the choice and put the emphasis of the work back onto honing their skills with the materials.) YouTube videos discussing pop art, a recorded auction of Lichtenstein's work and a couple videos displaying pop art techniques also helped to grab the students attention and move them forward in their work.
The project concluded with the students annotating their own work, discussing what went well what they could have improved, all the while reflecting upon what they had learnt.
Next the students will be looking at the artist Diane McLellan, a pop art food artist to which they will develop their low relief sculpture techniques.
Overall, I was quite impressed with the students work seen here in this post. I am thinking about putting some of the resources in my store for purchase by was wondering what others may think about the work, and see if other art teachers would be interested in something like this?
I hope you've enjoyed the read and I look forward to hearing from you.

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