Saturday, 16 February 2013

Learning diaries

I just wanted to share with you my thoughts about learning diaries and my intended use in my upcoming project with my yr.9 art class to record their progress throughout.
Here is a link to
my store where I have posted this resource and discussed a bit more about it and what you might be able do with it.
I have designed the diary to be a way tracking students progress as they will self assess after every lesson using a marking scheme at the bottom of the page. Furthermore, students set a target ( from the teachers lesson objective) and the skill they are to develop in the lesson. From there students will begin their task. During the last part of the lesson after or as part of the clean I have students complete the grey section describing how they have met their target and what they have developed in their project. To which they self evaluate as mentioned earlier. This booklet is designed for a seven week project with one lesson a week. It can be extended by adding more target pages into booklet. At the end it has a conclusion page designed for students to reflect upon the project from start to finish and consolidate their learning.
Nearly forgot to mention the title page, where students draw and label their intended design as they begin their project through a visual representation.
I hope you enjoy this resource. I will endeavour to upload posts n images on how my students are getting along and using this resource.

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