Thursday, 29 March 2012

Perspective Drawing

Had a good day teaching today. It was incredible to see what 11 year old students can can do when given a few rules and the creativity and freedom to explore their limits. This was their second lesson on two point perspective and the result from it were amazing! I have included some pictures below to show their work.
The class first started off learning to draw a street scene in one point perspective. From there, they focused on adding details in their buildings and then the third lesson was about shading. From there we went onto study and draw two point perspective. Because the students pretty much knew the rules and how to apply them in their work, I pushed them to be creative and develop unique details within their work. I taught these lessons through a step by step follow along power point. The students seem to really like this as they follow along for the first two buildings step by step until they learn the basic rules and then they go about applying on their own creativity designing unique buildings. These power points are
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What really made my day though was when my art technician asked the class (during discussion time) how many students had been drawing in perspective (these street scenes) at home. About half of the class raised their hands. It was an incredible feeling to know I have been in some small way affecting these students and giving them the confidence to draw at home. What is interesting to note here is that when I first started this unit on perspective I asked the class to raise their hands if they thought they could draw a picture in detail of a street. Only 3 students out of 26 raised their hands. I asked this again after the last lesson on 2 point perspective drawing and every single student raised their hand!

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